Zhao Zhe (George) is a fourth year PhD candidate at the System and Software Security Lab (S3L) in School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech university. He received a bachelor degree from Ocean University of China in 2016, major in computer science.

His research interest lies in the area of trustworthy AI, program analysis and verification, such as adversarial attacks, neural network testing, etc. His supervisor is Prof. Song Fu.

[Update!] I am on the job market now, and looking for a job in the field of AI security. 如果您有合适的岗位,欢迎随时通过下方简历中的电话、邮件与我联系。

[Update!] I am currently a research assistant / visiting student in Singapore Management University, RISE Lab, co-advised by Prof. Sun Jun.


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CLEVEREST: Accelerating CEGAR-based Neural Network Verification via Adversarial Attacks
Zhe Zhao, Yedi Zhang, Guangke Chen, Fu Song, Taolue Chen and Jiaxiang Liu
SAS 2022, CCF-B

Precise Quantitative Analysis of Binarized Neural Networks: A BDD-based Approach
Yedi Zhang, Zhe Zhao, Guangke Chen, Fu Song, Min Zhang, Taolue Chen

QVIP: An ILP-based Formal Verification Approach for Quantized Neural Networks
Yedi Zhang, Zhe Zhao, Guangke Chen, Fu Song, Min Zhang, Taolue Chen, Jun Sun
ASE 2022, CCF-A

AS2T: Arbitrary Source-To-Target Adversarial Attack on Speaker Recognition Systems
Guangke Chen, Zhe Zhao, Fu Song, Sen Chen, Lingling Fan, Yang Liu

Attack as Defense: Characterizing Adversarial Examples using Robustness
Zhe Zhao, Guangke Chen, Jingyi Wang, Yiwei Yang, Fu Song, Jun Sun
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BDD4BNN: A BDD-based Quantitative Analysis Framework for Binarized Neural Networks
Yedi Zhang, Zhe Zhao, Guangke Chen, Fu Song, Taolue Chen
CAV 2021, CCF-A

Who is Real Bob? Adversarial Attacks on Speaker Recognition Systems
Guangke Chen, Sen Chen, Lingling Fan, Xiaoning Du, Zhe Zhao, Fu Song, Yang Liu
IEEE S&P, Oakland 2021, CCF-A
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Taking Care of The Discretization Problem: A Comprehensive Study of the Discretization Problem and A Black-Box Adversarial Attack in Discrete Integer Domain
Lei Bu*, Zhe Zhao*, Yuchao Duan, Fu Song
TDSC, CCF-A (Co-first author*)

Award & Scholarship

2nd Place Prize in MLSec Face Recognition Challenge, 📃 write-up 2022

5th Place in CVPR 2022 AISafety Challenge Track2 (AEs detection competition) 2022

Merit Prize in OPPO 2021 Security AI Challenge2021

China National Scholarship 2021

3rd Place in ACM MM 2021 Robust Logo Detection Competition 2021

3rd Place in CVPR 2021 White-box Adversarial Attacks Competition, 📃 paper 2021

1st Place of Baidu PaddlePaddle AI Adversarial Attack Contest, 📃 write-up in Chinese2019

SIST Excellent Teaching Assistant 2019

Excellent Graduate of Ocean University of China 2016

China National Encouragement Scholarship 2015


Teaching Assistant for Software Engineering 2019


Committee: OSDI and Usenix ATC AEC (2022), ISSTA AEC (2022)

Reviewer: ISSRE (2022, 2021), ICECCS (2022, 2020, 2019), ICICS (2022, 2021), CAV (2020), AsianHOST (2022)

Student Volunteer: ISSTA (2019)