Pengfei Gao


Ph.D student

School of Information Sciencce and Technology

ShanghaiTech University

Shanghai, China

Email: gaopf AT shanghaitech DOT edu DOT cn

About me

I am now a third-year Ph.D student under the supervision of Prof. Fu Song. I received a B.E. in Computer Science from China University of Mining and Technology in 2017.


My research interests broadly involve program analysis and verification for security concerns. Now I am mainly working on formal verification of countermeasures of Side-Channel attack.


Formal Verification of Masking Countermeasures for Arithmetic Programs. Pengfei Gao, Hongyi Xie, Pu Sun, Jun Zhang, Fu Song and Taolue Chen (TSE 2020)

Verifying and Quantifying Side-Channel Resistance of Masked Software Implementations. Pengfei Gao, Jun Zhang, Fu Song and Chao Wang (TOSEM 2019)

Quantitative Verification of Masked Arithmetic Programs against Side-Channel Attacks. Pengfei Gao, Hongyi Xie, Jun Zhang, Fu Song and Taolue Chen (TACAS 2019)

SCInfer: Refinement-based Verification of Software Countermeasures against Side-Channel Attacks. Jun Zhang, Pengfei Gao, Fu Song and Chao Wang (CAV 2018)


Teaching Assistant for Programming Languages and Compilers, Spring 2018, Fall 2018.


Student Volunteer@ISSTA 2019

Student Volunteer@ETAPS 2019


FLoC 2018 Travel Grant

ETAPS 2019 Scholarship

2019 CSC-IBM Excellent Chinese Student Scholarship


2019 Excellent Student at ShanghaiTech

Excellent Graduate of CUMT

Excellent Graduation Thesis from CUMT (Topic: Static Memory Leak Detection of Rust Programs)